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Founder PCB is ready to fight with the coronavirus.
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Recently, a variety of enterprises have begun to return to work in an orderly manner, and numerous enterprises in Zhuhai City have also returned to the operation of their production lines. However, we are still in the critical period of fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic. As a matter of fact, protecting employee safety has become the primary responsibility of all enterprises.

Facing the biggest challenges in epidemic prevention and control after the resumption of work and production, Founder PCB carefully deployed its assets, responded to problem areas quickly, effectively implemented policies, and issued a timely and comprehensive information sheet.


Respond actively to create a safe environment for returning to work

Since February 4th, when the government approved the resumption of work, Zhuhai Founder PCB immediately formed a Lead Epidemic Response Group and an Epidemic Prevention Group. Founder PCB quickly formulated The Enterprise Epidemic Prevention Work Plan and Emergency Plan. Founder PCB then made a quick appeal to relevant staff, Party members, and those who volunteered to carrying out epidemic prevention activities. Founder PCB then engaged a precise plan for the safe resumption of work in the industry park in strict accordance with the requirements of the government guidance plan.

In addition to epidemic prevention materials, such as masks and disinfectant that are already in stock, during the Spring Festival, Founder PCB had the intelligent foresight to utilize its resources and efforts to purchase sufficient epidemic prevention materials that will guarantee the smooth and safe resumption of work.

Sun Yukai, President of Founder PCB, introduced an initial step which was to screen individuals and offer physical examinations for the staff who stayed in the industrial park during this past Spring Festival in preparation for the resumption of business activities. The second step was to arrange for staff to work without leaving Zhuhai City and to protect them from contact with the rest of Hubei’s population. Appropriate screening and safety measures were put into place so that staff could return to their duties on February 10th. The third step has been to arrange for staff who have come from other cities (non-epidemic areas or through known epidemic areas) to participate in a 7 -day mandatory isolation. The fourth step has been to make arrangements for staff who are currently within known epidemic areas to remain quarantined where they are and/or otherwise stay in place until the government cancels the current health regulations.

Sun Yukai said that a gradual return to work in groups is more advantageous for the implementation of further preventative and control measures. Every effort must be made to prevent the further spread of this disease. With this in mind, the prevailing thought is that it is also necessary to prevent enterprises from rushing a large number of employees back to the workplace all at once, as this would likely result in management and control risks.

Only when the staff are well settled and a clean and safe working environment is created for them, can the resumption of work be better put into operation.


Unite as one to do a good job in the comprehensive resumption of production management

Following our national, provincial, and metropolitan epidemic prevention regulations, Founder PCB has successfully completed the Nine in Place Epidemic Prevention Measures. With these compulsory health and safety measures established, Founder PCB has become one of the first enterprises to return to work in Fushan Industrial Park. Epidemic prevention and control is the core aspect. We must carry out every production and operation activity within the context of epidemic prevention and control. We must do the best job possible of epidemic prevention and control in every production and operational task.

Founder PCB has perfected its production management operation process in the past, and this process allowed the first staff members to immediately begin continuous production after carrying out routine inspections on equipment and materials. The roar of production line machines indicates the official and comprehensive resumption of production.

Sun Yukai, President of Founder PCB, required all functional department and production link staff to cooperate fully with each other to make up for each of the links delayed due to the epidemic. The objective is to continue to strive to provide customers and partners with a satisfactory information sheet under the condition of ensuring their own safety.


Seriously and comprehensively win the attention and affirmation of leaders

During the entire epidemic prevention development period, Founder PCB never abandoned its spirit of commitment in this epidemic prevention and fight,

On February 6th and 11th, Yao Yisheng, Mayor of Zhuhai City, visited Founder PCB Fushan Industrial Park and Duoceng Park respectively. He was there to inspect and guide anti-coronavirus epidemic work and to promote the resumption of work. Yao was accompanied by Chen Jiaping; Chen is the Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Fushan Industrial Park of Zhuhai City. Also present was Pangcong, Deputy Director of Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City, and Yan Jun, Director of the Science and Industry Bureau of Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City. After gaining first-hand knowledge of the current epidemic prevention work, relevant regulations, and health and safety plans of Founder PCB in Fushan Industrial Park, Mayor Yao authorized the above actions. In addition, Mayor Yao advised Founder PCB to organize their relevant epidemic prevention and control work documents into templates. These templates will be made available for other local enterprises to streamline their efforts in safely and efficiently restarting their own operations.



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