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Face with the 2019-nCoV,Founder PCB is action
Comform:Zhuhai Founder Printing Circuit Board Development Co., Ltd. | Time:2020-02-17 | Click:636

Chinese New Year is supposed to be a warm and peaceful holiday, but this year’s Chinese New Year has become an unforgettable day for Chinese people because of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

The coronavirus was identified in Wuhan on XXX and, in the following days, there were outbreaks in various parts of the country.  Wuhan was officially closed and China initiated the first-level emergency response protocols.  The New Year holiday was extended, schools  have postponed the resumption of classes, businesses have shut down and citizens have been quarantined in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.


Zhuhai Founder PCB also delayed the resumption of work until February 10th.  After making comprehensive preparations for epidemic prevention measures and obtaining the approval from the government, we decided to resume full operations.  During the week preceding the reopening, Founder PCB  instituted a rigorous regimen of disinfection measures in all facilities – factories, dormitories, and offices.  The return of staff and plant production is progressing smoothly.


Mr. Sun, CEO of Founder PCB, said that production and daily operations should be carried out in the context of epidemic prevention and control.  We will work hard to prevent and control the epidemic while ramping our production as quickly as possible and will strive to minimize any impact to our customers and partners.

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