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Related positions
  • Affiliation : Peking University Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Number : 1
  • Work place : Beijing
Environmental Senior Technician
Job requirements:

1)Be familiar with the workflow of water pollution treatment;

2)More than 3 years work experience in environmental protection and sewage;

3)Work experience in PCB factory is preferred.

Job responsibilities description:

1、Be fully responsible for the operation of the nickel-containing system to ensure that the nickel-containing system is stable and up to standard;

2、Be responsible for the discharge of nickel-containing wastewater from the docking workshop/ factory, and timely treatment of nickel-containing wastewater. The concentrated nickel water is contacted to be treated by foreign transportation on schedule;

3、Check the operation of the equipment every day, monitor and record the water quality of the system operation;

4、Be responsible for regional 6S management, check abnormal conditions for timely repair, and follow up the status;

5、Assist in other tasks arranged by the foreman/ engineer/ supervisor.

  • Affiliation : Peking University Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Number : 1
  • Work place : Legal Specialist
Legal Specialist
Job responsibilities:
1)Be responsible for drafting and reviewing various legal documents and contract texts;
2)Provide special non-litigation consultation answers and assistance in handling;
3)Be responsible for document compliance review and assistance in promoting system implementation;

4)Handling/ assisting the handling of arbitration/ litigation cases;

5)Conduct laws, regulations, publicity and training;

6)Conduct research on legal risk warning and prevention and control mechanisms according to the actual situation of the business;

7)Complete other tasks assigned by the department.

Job requirements:
A Bachelor degree or above, major in law, those who passed the judicial examination are preferred;
B English level 6 or above, can independently review English contracts;
C More than one year of experience in legal work of large enterprises;
D Be proficient in company law, contract law, etc., familiar with legal documents;
E Meticulous in work, quick-minded, logical, strong in language and verbal expression, responsible, and have good communication and coordination skills, solidarity and cooperation, resilience and professional ethics.
  • Affiliation : Peking University Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Number : 1
  • Work place : Beijing
R&D Engineer (signal integrity direction )
Job requirements:
1)More than two years of experience in the PCB industry process, research and development or test;
2)Be familiar with PCB full-process manufacturing process, and be proficient at least one of the procedure and technology of lamination, drilling, electroplating and anti-welding.
3)Work experience with signal integrity is preferred.

Job responsibilities description:
A Be responsible for the development and management of signal integrity projects;
B 2.Be responsible for evaluating the signal integrity performance of new materials;
C 3.Be responsible for establishing a material signal integrity database;
D Be responsible for technical support for customer complaint signal integrity issues.